Entrepreneur and Investor Chris Ross Gets Real | EU 03

Apr 7, 2021

Do you ever struggle to have it all? Maybe you are killing it in business but your relationships suffer? You are not alone my friend. On today’s show Kathryn has the incomparable Chris Ross. Chris Ross is an entrepreneur, investor, and award-winning sales expert. After over a decade of being behind-the-scenes of several billion-dollar companies that elevated Chris into the Top 1% of the Sales Industry internationally, he made that challenging transition to serial entrepreneurship. As successful as Chris has been in business, there have been struggles along the way. Like so many entrepreneurs, Chris was killing it in business but not finding the same success in his relationships. In this conversation Chris takes us on a ride through his entrepreneurial journey. He gets real and shares some struggles, how he broke free from those struggles and how he protects his energy.

Meet Chris Ross

chris ross' win-win effect

Chris Ross is one of the world’s leading expert on high-performance sales teams. He specializes in training international business executives on his “Win-Win Effect,” which benefits both sides of the buyer-seller relationship.

Having always been fascinated with Broadcasting & Media, Chris has quickly turned his Network Corporation into a podcasting powerhouse. His newest venture is Winject, Inc, the home of his Top-Ranked Podcast Show, The Win-Win Effect & Winject Radio; and he has begun adding other shows to the network to help grow their listenership

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In This Podcast


  • Chris’ entrepreneurial journey
  • His struggles
  • How he protects his energy

Chris entrepreneurial journey

Around 2010, Chris became one of the top recruiters in the nation and admissions reps in the education space.

He realized that he didn’t really understand the psychology or terminology of sales. In fact, he never sold a thing in his life. To him, he was always presenting solutions. He was never about convincing someone of buying something and didn’t believe in the methods and techniques in sales books.

Chris did start reading about the human brain, its chemicals, and what triggers human emotion. He realized his first language was reading energy. He started doing this intuitively when he was younger while communicating with his non-verbal sister who was handicapped. He was making $128,000 at the time, but the problem was he started to discover more about himself and tapping into his true essence as an individual. That’s when he decided to become an entrepreneur.

His struggles

Chris admits he was addicted to his growth. While he thrives on having in-depth and impactful conversations with individuals, he felt like he couldn’t communicate with the ones that were closest to him. Chris found himself drained from reading energy and doing his work on a very high level and emotional intelligence side.

His ego continued to push him to outdo himself and others. Because he was addicted to the identity of being successful, he was giving his businesses every ounce of his energy and those closest to him got whatever was left over. As a result, his relationships suffered. Once he realized he was an empath, he began his healing journey to protect him energy.

How he protects his energy

Chris learned how to protect his energy as a super empath. He set boundaries and barriers because he realized how powerful his energy is. If you’re dialed in on who you are as an individual and your true essence of you, Chris believes you will keep manifesting everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

In the past, he was unable to be comfortable with his own company and always had distractions, be it his phone, TV, or music.  Through his mindful practice of morning meditation, Chris has been able to clear out and re-channel that which does not serve his higher purpose in life. 

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Podcast Transcription

Kathryn: Welcome to the show, Chris. I’m so excited for you to be with me today. 

Chris: I’m blessed in having a conversation with you again. I don’t know how many conversations we’ve had off air, and I guess you would call it green room. What did they call it? Green room, before we hit record, but I’m just really excited.

You’re definitely one of my favorite people and one of my favorite interviews in 2020. So I’m really excited. Thank you for inviting me on.

Kathryn: That is so kind. I was going to say that I haven’t known you for very long in the span of time, but in the conversations that I have had with you, I feel like you’ve kind of shared your essence with me.

Like you don’t hold back, you give with and of your whole self and it’s not just what you do in business and in your entrepreneurial journey, that’s so effective. It’s your way of doing it. And I don’t know if I’ve ever met someone quite as tuned into your “me-ness” as I call it. And someone who owns it as much as you do.

So I’m thrilled to have another conversation with you today. 

Chris: Yeah, but that’s a really nice compliment that’s one of the things that I have strived for, especially in the last 400 days or so is showing up and holding space and just being unapologetic on who I am as an individual. I truly believe that if you’re spending enough time alone, time to kind of just be aware of what’s happening within your own feelings and start like cultivating silence, cultivating self discovery, and getting to your true essence on who you are as an individual. So I’m more of a motivated by pain rather than pleasure. So it’s a fear of missing out for me. That’s what drives me.

So I couldn’t say, okay, who am I? Is it individual? I had to figure out who I’m not and who do I not want to be? And then I started peeling back those layers. And that’s how I’m able to be a little bit more unapologetic on who I am as an individual and only really care. And it’s not that I say, I don’t care on how I’m perceived.

I just know who I am. 

Kathryn: Yeah, I absolutely love that about you. You’ve been in business a long time, but really been an entrepreneur for about eight to 10 years. Can you take us a long, for a little ride through your entrepreneurial journey for just a few minutes?

Chris: Sure. Maybe I’m going to show my age here, but remember the fantastic voyage? Like ‘come on a ride on this fantastic voyage’ So we’re about to take you on a little journey. So back in, I guess, 2000, right? Maybe we were showing our ages, but 2012-ish, I really started to get really clear about what I wanted to do with my life and give you a little bit more context. About 2009, 2010ish became one of the top recruiters in the nation and admissions reps in the education space.

People would always ask me, how do you do what you do on a levels that you’re able to do it. And I really didn’t understand the psychology and the terms that you would use in the sales world. I’ve never sold a thing in my life. I’ve always presented solutions and a recommendation for the individual and I’m shattering records.

And I’m not trying to sound pompous. I’m speaking to you. So, you know, I don’t mean anything by it. And just as it goes out for your listeners, I’m not one of those people that are egotistical. I’ve learned how to manage that sucker and give them a book and we’ll dive more into that, but it kind of was a challenge to me.

Where, when they would ask me, how do you do what you do? Then I had to learn how to like, train what I did. So I had to study. I’ve never read like really a lot of sales books. Cause I don’t believe in the methods and the techniques. I don’t try to convince someone to do something. That’s not the whole idea behind it. I present solutions, potential solutions.

It’s up to them to make it work, not me. So then I started learning the psychology and human brain chemicals, the dopamine and all the things that trigger human emotion. But then I started like really diving into this. The more I did research on the human brain, I discovered that my first language wasn’t English, it wasn’t French.

It wasn’t Italian. It was energy. I can read energy before anyone opened their mouth. Like I made it my job to know what you wanted in your deep and darkest fears. That was my job. And I had to do that intuitively why I got a big tattoo on my back shoulder of my older sister who pass away, which you know of that she was born handicapped.

So I was in a crib growing up with her learning, how to communicate non-verbally with her. I read energy very well, and I selfishly I put myself in her world where I’m feeling, what she’s feeling to know exactly what she needs from me. When I started discovering this all made sense. I was like, now I know how I’m able to do this with not even thinking about it. It was just like deep in my subconscious, but you have to be tapped into your energy source to be able to discover this. And my source for me is what brings me the most joy and fulfillment and happiness in my life is serving others. You hear a lot of this now, a lot of entrepreneurs I’m here to serve. I  was on clubhouse.

This is why I don’t do clubhouse. We have one for Winject studios. But I didn’t do my own personal ones. I can’t stand, it drives me nuts. I’m here to serve, but you’re only here to serve to the people that are buying what you’re trying to sell. That’s not serving, serving it where you don’t care what happens.

That was my whole approach. So when 2011 hit and Facebook bought Instagram, that big boom took off that social media. All the internet marketers, they came from the educational space and that’s how where Legion like for the trade schools, that’s where they all come from. So there was a huge area of opportunity.

I remember sitting on a beach in San Diego, smoking a cigar and called my father and said, I think I’m going to go and try out entrepreneurship. He goes, no, what are you doing? You make at the time is $128,000, which was great money. But the problem was I started to discover more about myself and getting tapping into my true essence of me as an individual.

When I was a kid, I would actually visualize. I have vivid memories of me being successful and wealthy. But I think that that was kind of like me future pacing in my own mind of what I wanted to do, yes. But with the gift that my sister gave me, I was going to be able to accomplish that. That was the missing little greed in that switch.

That’s why I got a tattoo my back because I don’t have to do what I do for a living. I get to do it because she couldn’t. So I got her on my back. It was big for me once I tattoo that on my back. And for those who don’t like tattoos, I get it. Wasn’t a big tattoo guy myself, but there was a kind of my way of making it permanent.

Like I’m never going to not give myself enough. And I’m always going to leave it on the field and doing what I want to do in my life and what I’m destined for. So when I broke out in entrepreneurship, there’s a huge area of opportunity. I took a leap. I don’t suggest for those out there to listening to this and you’re thinking about going into entrepreneurship and you make good money, or you’re trying to do it as a side job. 

They hear a lot of people to great Tony Robbins, burn your boats. Get it to the point to where do it in doses and getting real clear about what you want to do in life. But I took a delete, but there was nothing, there is no safety net, but for me, that was the best for me because I had to feel it.

So when I broke it in entrepreneurship, my first year was phenomenal. I made about 700K, but I didn’t have structure. Like my finances, right? I wasn’t paying for certain systems and I was, of course, new money syndrome start buying things that you never would buy. I was stupid. I didn’t know anything about business other than doing what I do and what made me great at what I did. Then the second course, I reached out to some very successful entrepreneurs, but I did a trade-off.

I approach them and say, listen, you’re really good about structuring some of your finances and structuring deals. If I was able to give you two hours of my time, each day for myself to sell for your company, you don’t need to pay me commission. I just want your services. I want your time for this amount of time.

So I did a lot of trade-offs because I didn’t have a lot of capital left. And revenue left. So I was like, well, what do I do? I went from 700K to around like 2.3 to next year and then kept moving and then started with myself. I had an assistant and started building a building and building. So now I took a lot of time to work on myself.

And learning how to train it now, more valuable. I was able to train staff. I was able to train companies fast. Forward a couple years, and I was enrolling probably around like 1.5, 1.7, $2 million in revenue generated for the company each month, breaking records, which was just so great to see. Did very well, but I was able to train it and leave my mark.

And so then I learned how to structure deals. I’m doing it where they don’t pay me commission. It has given me a piece of upright and now there’s my entrepreneurial investment part was I’m playing an infinite game, not finite. So entrepreneurship is a long run. As long as you have the resources available and you’re still in the game, but if you’re playing a finite game and you’re worried about a campaign and trying to make money off of people, as much as you can make, you’re going to fail. You’re going to fail because people like me are going to apply a lot of pressure. Went back to trade schools.

Cause I learned how to, it was kind of like me being a big fish in a little pond. Then I went to a big ocean. I had that “Blue Ocean Strategies” is a good book for people to read that blue ocean water strategies is phenomenal books. Probably one of the best, probably the top three for me to read and learning how to separate yourself from your competition.

By looking at the competition as community. There’s no competition. The only competition that I have is with me every day. Am I going to win my day? If I’m not going to win my day, that’s a problem. Learn how to become a dripping faucet. Drip. And as long as I’m moving in the right direction, I’m going to win in the long run.

Cause remember it’s an infinite game. Then went back to trade schools cause I learned how to do this in a very high level. I built my own programs and sales based and business-based for trade schools. There never been a sales program for a trade school. It’s always been searched tech, medical technology. I don’t know.

Criminal justice, paralegal, things of that nature. But nothing ever sales, but I was able to build those programs and went back to the first corporation and said, Hey, what a great story it would be if I was able to come in and you take a look at the programs. I got national credit by the same corporation, by the same accreditors and the same people that go in and do an audit for your business each and every month.

That’s big. So I structured a deal. Am I going to get down here and set it into numbers, but a really amount of money getting to the eight figure stipend numbers sold those programs. And that’s when the podcast came out, because that was my way of indirectly training 12,000 people on the methods of the win-win effect.

And here I am today going into what I’m doing now. It’s like, I have to challenge myself. If it is not a challenge, I’m not going to be motivated. I need to feel that resistance. I’m addicted to resistance. If there is no resistance in my life and I’m talking about all aspects, there’s a lot of things that I do now on my hobbies that I bring me joy that I spend enough time on I’m invested because I know it’s needed for me to stay at the optimal level.

And that’s something that’s very difficult for a lot of people to understand. 

Kathryn: Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying about the resistance, because we are only really ever pleased and proud of ourselves when we do the hard things. The easier things are the less satisfied we are with ourselves and the satisfaction level that we have in ourselves and being who we are is the most important thing.

We all have like eight domains or eight major areas of our lives. And it’s no easy task to be satisfied in all of those areas and have them working the way that we want to. As you’ve gone on your business and then entrepreneurial journey, where would you say you’ve struggled most over the years? In your career, your relationships, or some other area of your life?

Chris: A hundred percent relationships. It was weird because I thrive on having in-depth and impactful conversations with individuals. Here’s where the problem lied. That I had a vision and I saw what could be possible if I was able to put in the work for myself. Here’s another issue. And some people sleep right next to me that their minds aren’t impressionable, and they’re not able to understand that type of vision and it might potentially scare them or whatever that might be.

And if you’re not able to communicate that it’s okay. But at the time I was a lot of resentment there. I started to feel like I was going crazy. That how could I be able to communicate on a such deep level and I can’t do it to the ones that are closest to me. That was my ego and there are certain things tied into those stories that were preventing me from – there was a wall in front of me.

Because I was able to do what I did for a living at such a high level that no one could really achieve those types of results. Cause everyone was chasing my last version of myself every day. And there wasn’t like, how’s he keep getting better? When you’re reading energy and you’re doing what I’m doing on a very high level and emotional intelligence side, it is a hundred percent draining.

It is so draining and I was giving everything I had to serving others and doing what I did on the levels that I was doing it, because that was the ego talking. I needed to do it because I would not want to beat people. I wanted to beat people by a margin. Okay. That was one of my competitive advantages because my sister couldn’t, cause I get to. I was giving everything I had into my career because I put it all on my back and I had no safety net there.

And I was addicted to my growth. I was addicted to success, but I was bought into the identity of being successful and I was giving my businesses everything I had and I was giving the people that are closest to me, what was left at the end of the day. And then that took me in my whole of the journey of learning, how to protect my energy.

I was reading a book the other day, actually. I can’t remember who the author was. It was sent to me and it was talking about empaths. I’m a super empath. A hundred percent not because I want to be superior. A super empath they draw a line in the sand when they learn how to draw that line in the sand, you shall not pass this line.

Those are my boundaries and my barriers to protect my energy. My energy is powerful because I’m plugged into my energy source. By energy source, as I mentioned before, if you’re dialed in on who you are as an individual and your true essence of you and feel like you’re living, you keep manifesting everything you’ve ever wanted in life and everything just keeps working out.

You’re dialed into the true purpose on what you’re supposed to be doing. I know for sure this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I was born for this. I was built for this. Like when you’re born, you’re born for a purpose of what the world needs. That’s the whole lesson of life. I believe that you’re supposed to discover what that purpose is.

And when you discover that purpose and you’re dialed in some of us discover it when you’re 90, some of us discover it when we’re 10. So discover when you’re 30. When you make that happen, you can manifest anything you’ve ever wanted out of life. That’s why I’m addicted to the resistance because there’s not that much resistance there.

So I have to keep challenging myself and me giving everything what was left in me. I had to start going back to the relationships and not apologizing, cause you never should apologize. That’s a shame and guilt that you’ll end up living with, and you don’t want to have that. Just be grateful for you discovering that, those feelings at that moment of saying, listen, I know that I haven’t been the best son.

I know I haven’t been the best brother. I know I haven’t been the best husband. I know I haven’t been in best boyfriend, whatever that might be for people. I was going through my spiritual journey. This is part of my journey. And I want you to understand that it wasn’t, that I don’t love you, or I don’t respect you or I don’t XYZ.

It’s just that I was caught up into just driving me and driving this and trying to accomplish something that you couldn’t see. And I couldn’t find the words to articulate that to you. And I apologize. Here’s my path moving forward now that I’m aware of it, that’s like literally your hat in your hand.

And that was hard for me cause there’s the ego. 

Kathryn: Absolutely. And so how did you realize, or what did it take happening in your life to realize, Oh, I’m giving every single ounce of myself to my work and my business and I don’t have anything left to have the close relationships that I want in my life. How did you get to that point?

Chris: I’m going to be very vulnerable. It’s just the perfect example on what makes you great at what you do. You make me feel comfortable being able to communicate this? I don’t know if I’ve actually communicated this to a lot of people. Like when my sister passed away. My dad was there for my mom. I was there for my younger sister, cause I had to be, I didn’t want to feel the feelings of what I was feeling.

That connection when you’re connected to someone like that and you grow up with them and you watch them breathe their tubes and you can communicate non-verbally that such a energy type of frequency connection. When you lose that connection, I didn’t have it with anybody else. Other than of course family members, I’m talking about the intense feeling of that connection.

So I would suppress my emotions and bottle things up. And intuitively, you know, of course, working on myself for years and years and years, I’ve always known that like, yeah, of course I’m giving everything to my businesses. I’m giving everything to this. And one of the things that I want to do, I was aware of it, but I couldn’t feel joy.

Even when I hit a goal or a huge mile, I couldn’t feel I was never proud of myself. Nothing was ever good enough. That was a huge issue because I couldn’t experience joy. Because I suppressed that I put that emotional way until my daughter was born. That’s the first time I cried of joy, that was forced to feel it.

It was the most scary and the most exhilarating moment in my life. And then I was able to feel joy again, actually feel joy and bliss, and that sparked it. It was like, wait a minute. I can feel this. So I started experiencing these feelings and then of course, the end of my previous relationship, the things, the way it all went down, I’m not happy of, I’m not proud of, but God willing.

As long as I keep working with myself and shedding layers, I’ll push through this because I chose at that moment to grow through it, not go through it. So that was the pivotal moment. And then it forced me to go back inside, eat my own dog food and live it. Live, breathe, eat, and sleep it. I had to make it happen.

So I made a promise to myself that it was something bigger than me. It’s my daughter’s opinion on me when she’s 40 or 50, that’s bigger than me. I’ve always done better when I’m striving for something that’s bigger than me that never had anything in my life other than building businesses that actually challenged me.

And this has actually challenged me the most. 

Kathryn: I really appreciate you sharing that and being vulnerable. It sounds like before your daughter, that there might’ve been really afraid to feel the connection that you felt before with your sister, because it really hurt to lose it. And you can’t experience joy without the opposite pain.


A hundred percent like a hundred percent surrendering. I always had my boundary up. To protect me. And it’s not, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel feelings and love, right. And experience like really unconditionally allowing myself to be, feel unconditionally, like all the way down to your soul. And I apologize for those who’ve ever been around me that I never allowed in like all the way unconditionally without no regret.

And it’s sad, but I’m grateful. When I go to sleep and, you know, you dream. And I go through my meditating in the morning and I’m clearing out and rechanneling and putting in that hard work that mind, body spirit. Like when I wake up in the morning, I’ll have in those times, that’s my favorite part of my day is my alone time.

Backup 400 and something days ago, those alone times where I dreaded, I had to have a screen. I had to be listening to music, had to be doing something I couldn’t even go to sleep at night without something on. I didn’t want to be alone in my own thoughts. I refused because I didn’t want to feel that hurt.

Kathryn: I appreciate that 100%. And when we don’t let ourselves feel the pain, that is necessarily a part of the human experience, we don’t get the good emotions on the other end of the spectrum. Absolutely. I know that you are projecting your energy out to the world on a lot of different projects right now, share with us a little bit of like where you’re channeling your energy right now.

Chris: The biggest challenge is I appreciate the question. That’s something that obviously you’re working with me on certain things. When obviously my ex became pregnant and of course you get nine months. It’s true what they say that when the woman becomes a mom, right then, well, you become a father until the time they pop out.

That’s when I became a father. So I had nine months of prep. To ensure that everything was done in my business as well. I was really grinding at that time to get things done. It normally takes a private company or a corporation or educational business to go through a process of three years to getting your programs nationally accredited.

Well, luckily for me, I had a lot of connections coming from education. I did it in about nine to 10 months. Which is insane. Then there, you have to use your program structure perfectly. Like when all this stuff happened with my ex. And then of course me not being able to see my daughter, see my daughter over 424 days a day.

And that’s something that I have to feel every day and it’s already going to happen. I’m already manifesting it. I’m just making myself more equipped to be a phenomenal father. I didn’t know what to do with myself. So I sold the businesses and I sold those programs back in February, went and done. I decided I had to podcast.

The podcast took off. I had it structured with it just took off. And then I started interviewing guests like yourself included, coming on, had over 2 million downloads in the first year, which is just absolutely bunkers insane. But then I’ll realize that I’m built for this. Then people go, Chris, you have phenomenal questions.

Do you have a set questions? No, I’m just there and holding space with that individual and getting all the way down to the core and the root of what drives. So when people come onto the show, I’m using my emotional intelligence and I’m been using all the talents and skills that I’ve honed in on over the years.

That made me great at what I did. I’m just doing it now in a show. So this is what happened when I’m having a normal conversation, but I couldn’t do it in my personal life. Because when I’m doing what I do, I have that level of barriers there, that penetrate, but I couldn’t allow that I couldn’t do that in my personal life.

So when all the sales went through and the podcast took off, I was like, well, I’m going to build a company. Aligning processes in sales, marketing, operations, fulfillment came up with the name, the co-hosts that had on West Bays, love you man, if you’re listening to this. Come up with a name, like, what do you really do for a company was like, I inject them with winning.

So it was like winject. That’s where it came from. So I started going to like consulting and going to companies well not me personally, just connected to, and I was going to align my process and they’ll pay for me and do an audit. There was no resistance there that was easy for me. I can do that. Make tons of great money, what you should be like, Oh, I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for, I needed a new challenge or I’ve always been fascinated with broadcasting and media, but I’ve always been the guy behind the scenes. I was like, well, I just don’t want to have a great podcast show. I can use some of my capital and use some of the revenue. I can use some of this and I’m going to use and reach out to some of my connections.

I’m blessed that I’m pretty connected guy. I have a lot of great friends that are in high places, sort of reaching out to them and say, if you can set me up in a couple of networks, I want to learn how this works. Then I realized that podcasting networks are set up just similar to like people within music industry.

Well, these record labels, they’re there to rape the artist. And it really drove me nuts. So I was like, what if I’m able to build something, that’s going to flip a table on its head and use all my skills and the educational approach and really serving the podcaster to have allow them to keep their creativity, keep access to all their things.

I’m just going to provide such a level of education. That’s going to allow them and create the environment for them to grow. And hone in on their skills and plug them into the right resources that I do have. Like use this and that’s why I’m able to be aligned to this. I’m an empath. So I’m used to people latching on to that energy.

I want them to see me as a lifeline though. It’s going to plug them in. So what I’m doing now, I’m building a community first. It’s everything I believe. It starts with community from there collaboration and giving them the tools and resources available to allow them to step into that role of being a broadcasting and media powerhouse.

Well, you can’t just do that overnight. We all know this. It’s impossible. The podcasting game is saturated with podcasters. How are you going to get loud enough for someone to hear your message? And what tends to happen with podcasters is they don’t have the financial means. Like I did. And they don’t have a lot of success because I was plugged into networks is how I was able to do it through trade schools, instruction with deals.

Well, they don’t have that level of thinking yet. Until now. So community collaboration in order for them to make collective impact, that’s where me stroking and brokering deals and reaching out to some of our resources. Lauren Ticknor is a great friend of mine, top 10, entrepreneur, female. She’s destroying it and has the same competitive advantage that I have.

Her sibling with special needs and I’m not trying to get personal. So our first language is energy and she has the same thing, same competitive advantage. She doesn’t have to do what she does. She gets to do it. And she needs a new challenge as well. She’s destroyed the business and teaching, helping coaches like turn from multiple six figures to seven to eight and beyond.

And she has a huge track record. I don’t recommend a lot of educational programs. That’s the one that I went for. So I had a conversation with her. Here we are. And now I’m just brokering back in deals. And then the podcasting networks, when I was doing a lot of audits and doing them on market research, no one’s doing this. In my level of thinking that I’m smarter than most people.

It’s not that they say there’s a hundred thousand hours you’ve got to put in. There’s a lot more than that. Then I put in and I’ve been around the top 1% of the 1% when it comes to education. It’s going to take a couple of years for people to catch up to that way of thinking on the educational approach.

So if you’re listening to this, you’re a podcaster, or even if you’re an influencer and you want to start a podcast, we’re going to have it. It’s like a one-stop shop for teaching someone how to turn them into a powerhouse. They got influences on the back end. I got the music industry resources I’m tying into this.

The opportunities are endless. So what really sparked is, you know, you go to Bloomberg TV, you have a TV channels. I’m going to make the world’s first and only podcast TV. That’s the whole goal. The end goal is taking someone like yourself, that seasoned obviously a really good at what you do, plug you into the right people, get you more eyeballs, get you more exposure, grow your listenership, making an impact.

We’ll teach you how to monetize, which I had that all built in these podcasts. I’ll have a 10 day trial. After that 10 day trial, that 11th day they only pay for and I’m telling you, $94 a month. Now I’m talking about major influencers. All you’re doing is just pays for the systems to work. You can tell, I’m not trying to make money off a podcaster where we’re all going to collectively make an impact is on the back end.

People are going to be paying us like I’ll run ads. Can I run ads for you? Like they’re going to be blowing up our doors cause I’m going to turn it into a TV now. And then from that TV station, Oprah went to OWN network. I’m going to be winject network. That’s what a network comes in. They will have different TV stations of shows in different networks, their own networks.

God willing. If I just do this just 10% of what I’m thinking in my mind, there’s still going to be a game changer for people. Think about the listeners. So listeners of your show, or need to go to the website and pay for a small membership, just for them to get access to the same resources you get access to within the community, because we’re all one community.

It’s one heartbeat, one mission, one outcome. I’ve had the same philosophy for the last 10 years. 

Kathryn: Okay. That’s beautiful and absolutely amazing. Like my mind is absolutely blown with your creativity. I know a lot of entrepreneurs really get paralyzed by big goals. They have these ideas, they have these big goals and they can’t seem to take action toward them.

And this that you’re talking about is absolutely huge. What is your secret to not just having that big idea, but getting started in acting toward it. 

Chris: Wow. That’s a really good question. The way to answer that question, I’m going to give you a little backbone behind it. It starts with the four A’s for me.

One needed to be aware. Okay. What is awareness? Let’s talk about that for a second awareness. What’s happening. And I’m not just saying on a surface level, on a deep level, understanding what you’re feeling and then why you’re feeling it. And that’s where I’m talking about going in cultivation of silence, cultivation to self discovery, and really spending enough time needed.

Some people need five minutes. Some people need 10. Some people need an hour. Some people need four. Well, what started for me is I needed to not to be distracted and not have that vice there. It is a way of distracting me, like my telephone. I’ll never leave my phone. My phone stays in my office. It does not leave it.

Doesn’t go to my living room just to go anywhere else in my house. This office is for work and communicating and outsourcing. When I leave this room, it’s only me or whatever I’m doing in my own personal life. I don’t know the difference now between work and play. That’s how, how much I put in this work.

So awareness is you being aware of everything on a deep level start really investigating why you feel certain ways and where does it come from? Where did I learn this bullshit? And most of it’s bullshit from your own perception, whatever has been dumped onto you. 

The next a is acceptance. You need to accept where you are and why you got there.

When you accept good and bad. Now you can start coming up with an idea on how you can stop the bleeding. The next one is take action only on the sides where you’re bleeding. And where you’re failing and what’s hurting you. That’s going to help you start creating those boundaries to protect your true essence of who you are as an individual.

If you have a dream, you need to protect it. And I say that with so much conviction, it’s so fragile and all it takes is someone that you feel that you have a connection with to say, that’s a stupid idea. I’ve been called crazy. I’ve been called stupid, but I will never be called broken. Never. So when you start taking action on those things, then you can start coming up with the right plan on to start building and be that dripping faucet.

Just get a little bit better. That 1%, that every day you hear a lot of influencers now saying it. I’ve been saying this crap for over 10 years before they put a microphone in my face. I got to get better every day and I got to win my day. And am I willing to put in the work to achieve that outcome? Then it comes to my last one.

And it’s my favorite one. You’ve got to hold yourself accountable. When you start holding yourself accountable, now you’ve gotten to the point where you can start building and start making the right moves in the right direction. So when I see entrepreneurs that have this big dream, they don’t have the skills and the tools needed to go all the way down, deep inside their subconscious mind in the nucleus of the problems.

So perfect example, subconscious, unconscious, whatever your mind is powerful, but some of you aren’t even using it to the right way of using it. You got to give your mind enough time to recuperate to file information. To go deep in your subconscious and file the right information. You’re not gaining enough knowledge, but if I said, all right, Miss Kathryn, you want to accomplish a goal of making a hundred million dollars?

Well, don’t set the goal of bringing a hundred million dollars. It’s like, how can I build the system patentable? Is it something that I’m creating? To get myself there as a worth, as in what was someone invest to that goal? If you say you’re doing all the right things, when you’re working and then you go and get your time off, and then you start drinking beer and drinking alcohol, because you don’t want to be alone in your own thoughts, or you start self-sabotaging yourself.

That self-sabotage is your fault. Success is a choice. Being broken is a choice. You choose to do that yourself. That’s where it comes with accountability side. You got to hold yourself accountable to some of the principles that you have and values. You talk a lot about that. What do you value? I couldn’t name five when I started all this, but I had a high income skill.

I can make as much money as I want to make and make an impact, but I couldn’t do it in my own personal life. So the most common thing that I see for entrepreneurs that can’t get through the other side, they’re so conscious when their minds that working, they don’t think it’s working. They haven’t figured out what those behavioral traits are.

That’s turned into a never ending cycle of self-destruct. I don’t know why I can’t get to this level. And I’m like, cause you are the problem. I am the problem, but you need to be kind to yourself, but knowing you’ve got a problem is the first step you got to know. 

Kathryn: Yeah, you can’t get anywhere without awareness.

Awareness is the first step. It is the key. It is getting clear on your why, what drives you, what your needs are for sure. It’s also becoming aware of how you’re limiting yourself based on your past. Like what you tell yourself, are you telling yourself I’m not enough? I can’t do this. I’m not equipped. I’m helpless.

You have to be aware of what you want and who you are. But also the obstacles that you’re throwing out there right in front of you.

Chris: Yeah. I want everybody to take a second for your listeners and I want you to understand something. You own nothing in this world. You come into this world with nothing. You leave with nothing.

All you are is your soul. Your body’s not even yours. Like, I’m going to flesh. You could see me. All I am is energy. So you’ve got to ask yourself, am I polarizing out and radiating a positive energy or my negative? So when you mentioned that word can’t, and I’m not worthy enough, that’s a negative energy and you’re not attracting anything positive until your life.

Nothing. Now I’m going to recreate your own trauma, recreate the same situation, recreate the same relationship, recreate the same bullshit in your business. And you wonder why, and you look up to my level of like your level of success and go, how are they able to do it? You have to hold yourself accountable to what you’ve done, and then forgive yourself, be kind to yourself, be kind to your body.

When I started using my body again, as a vehicle. Rather than just a tool. I’m a vehicle. Like God has a purpose for me in life. That message from him came from my sister before I was able to walk, talk nothing, but then I had to figure all this out and then he did it through her. And for me to get my attention for me to discover this and going through it, when I figured out that he uses me for a purpose, I am a vehicle of him.

He is sending his message through me. I’m about to get emotional, but I know that now, so I’m not going to give up on myself. It’s always myself first might sound selfish, but it’s true. I gave myself permission to love myself unconditionally and they have enough time for myself like TV. Now I have one of the biggest TVs.

I do have one of the biggest TVs in my house. And I don’t even watch the damn thing other than watching documentaries and something to learn because, you know, in 2000 it was 22, right? 2021, whatever the hell year is freaking knows, because time is an illusion as well. True story. Everything’s an illusion in your life.

Only thing that matters is who you are right now in the true essence of you. And is it positive energy because if you’re a hundred percent positive and you’re long and you’re forcing, and you’re putting attention on that. You’ll create the right things in your life. You can take all the money I’ve ever made to hell with money.

It sucks to say that for so many people out there struggling in this past year, they’ve lost their businesses. They’ve losing our relationships that the big pandemic is people are running away from their problems the way that I used to run away from my problems, you can not run away. It’s going to follow you.

You’re going to recreate your same shit. 

Kathryn: Yeah, absolutely. So before we finish going back to kind of the beginning of our conversation, when you said that you used to tend to give all of yourself in business and the people you were helping in business, letting them kind of drink from the cup instead of the saucer.

I’m wondering if. That goes down to your very core from when you were young and when you were with your sister and that you in that role became not just her protector, but you kind of looked at yourself as the protector. Yeah. Which leads you to, anytime you can give help to someone, protect someone, lift them up.

It’s almost this automatic response. 

Chris: Yeah. That’s my go-to like, it’s the same with firefighters. They’re the ones running to the fire. Yeah. I run to fire because I can withstand it. I can feel it. And I’m built for it. Like I’m built for chaos. When I was in the military. It’s why did so well in the military, I’m not scared of anything.

I’m there to do a job. And my job is to serve. I’m like a heat seeking missile to pain. I’m a heat seeking missile to getting all the way through and penetrating. I have been on a foam and do this just like that. When it go, how the hell does he do what he does? I’m like, I don’t know, but I was able to train it because I had to put in that work and get the psychology behind it and biology, I could do it effortlessly, but I shut that part of me off.

It was like a valve. I’m not feeling this. And now I didn’t know what to do with my energy, but when you say that I have to give, I give, give, give, I only give right now, if you’re able to understand that frequency and you’re able to withstand that with me and hold space, I don’t give everything I have to, everybody is those who are on that way of thinking.

And they own that way of understanding. You can latch onto me and I’ll carry you through this, but at some point you need to take action. 

Kathryn: So, how did you get there? 

Chris: I protect my energy. I don’t even look at negative messages. I send them to my team. I don’t look at negative stuff.

I don’t want to allow that to control me. There’s nothing ever going to own anything of me, mind, body, or spirit, because none of that is mine. I’m there to protect mind, body spirit, because for the greater good, like I have, I call it my superpower. That is my super power of being able to do what I do. I was like an open book and yes, I am an open book with people, but for those who can withstand that type of frequency, because that’s how I’m able to protect and conserve my energy.

There’s some times in a day where I’m plugged into my energy source and doing what I do. Well, the other parts of my day, I wasn’t plugged into my energy source. I was draining. Yeah. I couldn’t get to that peak performance. 

Kathryn: So you achieved that greater level of awareness over this past year, a hundred percent, a whole other level of what helps you work, what hurts you and how you can

be mindful of what those triggers are. 

Chris: I feel like I broke through something. Am I the first guest that you did for like the second appearance? 

Kathryn: The second appearance, Adam was first.

Chris: Oh yeah. That’s right. Okay. Well that’s fine. We call him two too, right? Yeah. Well, I can remember just from my other conversation with you, I tell you the analogy that I use with fighter jets breaking through a sound barrier.

No. Okay. Let me share this for your listeners. That might make sense. And I know that we can be conserved on time, but I don’t have anything behind us. I don’t think I’ve ever shared it with a lot of people want to come and especially a podcast. I’m going to share this with your audience, for the audience members right now.

And you want to know what it feels like to break through levels. It is your responsibility to go through these levels, some of you right now are choosing to stay on a level, just because you don’t want to be people pleasing. And you want your friends or family members to stay there and they’re gonna hold you and pull you down.

Well, you’re more powerful when you blaze through all the levels you can blaze through. I was at my last level. I believe of that awareness and level of thinking that I shifted over to abundance lifestyle, not believing in abundance with a strong conviction. It’s an abundant lifestyle. Like I don’t give a shit there’s enough everything for everybody. I need to protect me because that’s my self worth. So when I was going through these levels and I can see everything I’ve ever wanted out of life and I couldn’t touch it, smell it. Like couldn’t get there’s a wall in front of me. How I was able to get through that level. I was doing a lot of work over the past year and putting myself in a situation and shutting these layers.

Well, when I was on the JFK aircraft carrier and they’re doing a bunch of fighter jets and I was watching his fighter jets. I remember smoking a cigarette, I used to smoke cigarettes. So on the smoke deck. And this was when after flight quarters was over with and the fighter jets right there, the pilots were smoking cigarettes as well.

And they were just breaking through sound barriers. It was just so cool to watch in person. Of course you see all the top gun and whatnot, but not in person. And I asked him, I was like, yo, Hey man. You know, and it all officers I’m like, how are you doing, sir? The young little whippersnapper I was like 19 years old.

I was like, yo man. What is it like to break through a sound, that was like the coolest freaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. He goes, you get the most resistance. It feel like the cockpit is shaking and everything is about to blow up. If you’re able to stay true and hold fast, stay true and blaze through.

That’s a saying in the military and the Navy hold fast, stay true and pushed through. It’s like happy days has no resistance. You’re on a different level. You’re experiencing something only to 0.01% of people experience. Well, you’re a hundred percent free. 

Kathryn: Okay. I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the show because we started with resistance, right.

You’re basically looking to break through barriers consistently and constantly in your life. 

Chris: Yes. Point zero one. I want to get to those optimal levels. Yeah. And only way to do that as I need to be plugged into my source. And if I’m not plugged into my source, I can’t penetrate through these levels. It’s impossible.

You can’t do it by yourself, but if you can serve your energy and you’re plugged in. And you spend that time to keep forcing yourself to feel like you’re being resistant and it’s not going to be given to you. So when I was going through my breakthrough moment in my life, I think I told you about this part.

I called my mother and I thought I was having a heart attack. That’s the universe and that’s God or Spirit, whatever you believe in the world, checking me and seeing if I was ready for it. It was preparing me for the next level. That was my last test. I thought I was having a heart attack, but it was a panic attack because I was going through so much, like I was tuned into a different frequency.

And then when I was having that panic attack, all I was praying to God. Don’t take me yet. I got more to do whatever, but that is for you. I am a hundred percent. I promise you from this moment on, I will give it everything I have and whatever you tell, let me, I need to do. Not what I want to do, what you guide me to do.

And then it was just like, from then I felt like I blew right through, and there’s nothing I think in this world, I believe that can stop me other than me. 

Kathryn: And I believe that too. And I believe what helped you get to that level was going from self-awareness to self-love and self-value of the highest order.

The way that energizes you,I mean, it took me until age 50 or so to really experience that. But once you get there, That’s like drinking rocket fuel every day. 

Chris: Yeah. And that rocket fuel and it’s like, I have so much fuel there now as like a reserve tank. I didn’t know it was there..

As long as I’m conscious of how much fuel on burning. I know when to turn it on and turn it off. I got one speed. That’s go. But if, I don’t know when it’s go time, then what’s the point. You’re not going to get to that type of level. And then me going through this, that energy is infectious and it’s contagious. People don’t really, maybe have to understand my vision, but they feel it.

They know that I’m on the I’m blazing this path. You guys can come with me, get in my lane. That’s fine. But if you choose not to be in that lane and you’re trying to only see what’s available and, you know, yada yada not living an abundant lifestyle, at some point, you’re going to join me because you have to.

I flipped a table on its head. I flipped the industry and has had an education. I’m going to flip it on his head and podcasting, and that’s going to lead to media. That’s going to lead to radio. That’s going to lead to TV. That’s going to lead to anything that I put my intention on. As long as I’m asking him upstairs, am I serving you?

What are you going to allow me to do? How much more can I give? What else do you need me to do? But if I’m not tapped into this intuitively for me to be alone in my own thoughts for me to receive that message. Then that’s when you start obviously regressing, 

Kathryn: That’s beautiful. And so well said the combination of getting down to your core values, who you want to be every day, the person that you want to be and present to the world.

And when you can combine that with self-love and self-value, then there are no limits to what you can do.

Chris: That’s right. Well said, every conversation I thoroughly enjoy for the listeners out there, I hope I’ve said something and shared some things that shine a light and maybe just get your attention.

That’s all I do at four. Just gotta be one person is going to hear this. Hopefully one person I’ll never know that I’ve actually the one that shared this with you and it made an impact. It made it deep and ingrained inside of you and it gave you enough motivation. I mean, people say, Oh, you’re a great motivational speaker.

I’m not a motivational speaker. At all. I’m just trying to raise your awareness and if I get your attention and you do something positive with it, that’s enough for me.

Kathryn: I’m sure you have done that for many people today, and I appreciate you so much and you sharing your time and your wisdom with me and my audience. It’s always time well spent.

Chris: Always, and I appreciate it. And for anybody listening to this, I mean, I can’t wait to see what this show is going to do for you, this new path and this new message and if there’s anything that can deal with the people that I know too. And I think I’ve already done it with a couple people of setting you up.

It’s not really setting you up as the best way of putting it, but presenting another soul that needs to hear your message. You really did help me in my first interview with you and I came onto your show. It was like that last little piece that I needed and I can never understand it all away. And you triggered something that I started manifesting.

I started like putting in the work and I discovered another level. I was like, Oh, that makes sense. So I’m going to be always grateful for that. And if there’s anything that I have or anything that I’m doing, you’re always going to be involved you’ll be one my first messages, for sure. 

Kathryn: Well, I’m grateful for you and I’m going to get you that chicken shirt.

Chris: You gotta get Lucy’s fried chicken. If you’re from Austin, Texas, you gotta get me that shirt. So good luck on your spring break. Much love to the kids, husband. Obviously, everything you do is just phenomenal. Like I said, Guys, if you’re listening to this be you be great.

And just give yourself everything you need to accomplish. What you want on a life it’s already there. You just got to catch up to it. 

Kathryn: Oh, perfect. I second that, thank you, Chris Ross for being on the show today and everybody go out and take one small step toward the life that you want to live. And I’ll see you right back here next week.

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